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Soul Mirror

I've been thinking about writing this for several weeks now, I don't really know how to articulate the understanding I have within myself, but this past week it became clear that I had to at least try. Before I begin I want to define my understanding of a few things: SoulMate: We have several soulmates… Continue reading Soul Mirror

Modern Shamanism

The Job of an Empath – Your Sacred Super Power!

This morning as I was lying in bed thinking about life, my favorite thing to do on weekends is to wake up slowly and contemplate life and its many mysteries, I realized something about empaths that I want to share. I've been a psychic empath my entire life, it came from a turbulent upbringing (sorry… Continue reading The Job of an Empath – Your Sacred Super Power!

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Deck Flip-Through “The Magick and Mediums Oracle”

Today I am doing a flip through of a new deck that I got called "The Magick and Mediums Oracle." This deck is just gorgeous! https://youtu.be/lnw70w9yJyY To order this beautiful deck: https://www.magickandmediums.com/the-magick-and-mediums-oracle To Purchase a Psychic Reading with me: https://runningwithjaguar.com/product/clairvoyant-readings/ To get a Mediumship Reading with me: https://www.messengerforspirit.com To purchase a Shamanic Healing Session: https://runningwithjaguar.com/service-1/… Continue reading Deck Flip-Through “The Magick and Mediums Oracle”

Modern Shamanism

Animism- A Shamans Worldview

Animism is the core spiritual belief system of the shaman. Each shaman has a different religion but overall most Shamans are animists. What is Animism Animism is the belief that all things have an animating spirit. This includes: trees, plants, rocks, mountains, oceans, water, fire, air, etc. To break it down even further each specific… Continue reading Animism- A Shamans Worldview


September 2019 Psychic Zodiac

September is here, hard to believe I feel like I just wrote out the reading for August. Fall is coming and I couldn't be happier I love fall! Capricorn Take a deep breath this month, whatever is bothering you isn't what it seems. That's good because you have something built up so bad that you're… Continue reading September 2019 Psychic Zodiac

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Signs That You’re a Natural Shaman or Mystic

Do you think you're a natural Shaman, Mystic, or Witch? Here are some signs that may point to it. Before we begin i'm going to define some of the terms that I am going to be using, it's important to note that these are my definitions, not official, just mine. Shaman- A shaman is someone… Continue reading Signs That You’re a Natural Shaman or Mystic