August 2019 Psychic Zodiac

Welcome to the first installment of The Modern Mystic’s Psychic Zodiac!

We are about to enter August and it’s always nice to know what we may deal with.


This month legal matters are going to take center stage, for some of you it’s going to be a marriage and others relationships will be coming to an end, divorce. Changes are coming and I know my Capricorns won’t appreciate them, but in the long run it will be for the best.


This month you’re going to be focusing on growing your reputation and how others see you. You may even get recognized for your hard work and lightning fast mind! You’re going to have a lot on your mind and rightfully so. Be sure that those you surround yourself with hold the same vision you hold. Who we keep company with effects our energy and how others see you.


Have you been following your bliss? Are you really doing what you’re meant to be doing? This month you should take serious inventory of your life direction. You may hear back about an offer or get a new offer which can change up the way things have been for a long time – way your options, if its in alignment with your bliss go for it!


This month do things by the book, drive the speed limit, be sure that your intentions can’t be misunderstood. This month you’re going to have to overcome some challenges, the good news is you’re up for it! If needed seek out legal council.


This month you may be trying to get a new perspective on a woman in your life that you see as unobtainable or out of your league. Is she really? I don’t think so, I think all of this is in your mind. Go up and talk to her, no one says that you have to rush into anything, sometimes friendships are more intimate and deep than romantic ones. However, I do see the potential for a romantic relationship if that’s where you choose to take it. Either way take a step back and get a new perspective on you’re relationships with the women in your life.


The world is your oyster, you have so many options and changes that you can make! You’re in the position here to make requests, you hold the power. Perhaps you’ve been working at something a long time and now hold some seniority, either way get clear on what you want and go for it! This month you’ll see some results of the hard work you’ve been putting forth.


This month you may find yourself fighting and squabbling with your bosses and main squeeze. Perhaps you’re worried you’ll ruffle some feathers, don’t! It’s okay- if there’s something you want go for it!

Just be sure that you’re acting in your highest integrity, the grass isn’t always greener on the other-side of the fence no matter what the story is they are selling.


This may be a hard month for you Leo, I see problems that have been festering under the radar come up to be dealt with once and for all. The advice here is – either you deal with it head on or the universe will by shaking everything up!

Are you unhappy move on? Or you may loose your job or your mate may end the relationship. Either way change is on the horizon for you and that’s a good thing because it’s been eating away at you for a long time.


There’s some important things that need your attention this month but you’re more interested in focusing on other things. Day dreaming about what is coming and what could be, isn’t going to help you this month. This month you need to sign those papers, do those reports, and get everything in order. Balance is needed this month.


This month you may let your worries and concerns about how you think things should be keep you from enjoying life. Don’t, life is meant to be enjoyed, just because you have to work hard doesn’t mean you can’t go out and live a little. Try this month to spend time with friends and family, or even just by yourself, and enjoy life!

Everything will be the same when you come back, don’t try to micromanage this month.


This month you may find yourself concerned about someone you really care for. They may not be doing well in your mind, but i’m here to say that everything will work out for the best. Perhaps this attention on them is really a distraction on focusing on an area of yourself that needs some attention? Think about it.


Good things are on the horizon for your Sagittarius! You’re making great strides in your personal relationships and if you’re married and trying to get pregnant then this may be the month you succeed!

If a baby isn’t on the horizon for you; this month still bodes just as well! You’ll be at the top of your manifesting game so set those intentions this month, plan with a partner, and get out there!

Good things are on the horizon for you!

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