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Signs That You’re a Natural Shaman or Mystic

Do you think you’re a natural Shaman, Mystic, or Witch? Here are some signs that may point to it. Before we begin i’m going to define some of the terms that I am going to be using, it’s important to note that these are my definitions, not official, just mine.

Shaman- A shaman is someone who has a naturally strong connection to the earth and its creatures. They are able to naturally travel between the world of here and now, and the world of spirits. They speak to animals, plants, and stones. They naturally recognize the living force within all things. (Animism) They are able to heal or shift the energy surrounding people, situations, and places by doing this work with spirits. They know that they have a team of unseen helpers who support and are there for them.

Witch– A witch is someone who has a natural ability to bend energy to suit their will. Perhaps they can manifest things by focusing intently on it. A Witch knows that there is more than meets the eye to the world around them, and generally (not always) sees the divine as masculine and feminine. A Witch generally also has a natural connection to one or more of the elements: earth, air, fire, or water.

Mystic– A mystic is like the in between of Shaman and Witch. They have the natural affinity and knowledge on one or more of the following: crystals, herbs, trees, nature, animals, meditation, journey work, communication with spirits. Perhaps you can look at a plant and know it’s healing or mystical powers without consulting a book, or perhaps you just know that a rose quartz is good for heart related issues such as romantic love and self love.

Now not everyone is comfortable using the term: shaman or witch. Some prefer the lesser title and association each carry with it, that’s a post for another day. These individuals may like the term mystic.

Really the choice is up to you which you which you want to explore more.

1. You’re Drawn to Spiritual Topics at a Young Age

This is broad on purpose, when I was little I felt a deep connection to nature. I loved children stories about Native American practices & beliefs. I was also drawn to witches and stories of faeries and often related more to them than the main character. When I was eight years old I first began seriously searching for answers to the spiritual hole in my life. I began researching Witches & Shamans. Now I didn’t know the name Shaman at the time but when I was young I was looking for anything that would explain the spirit world that I was able to go back and forth in.

In some cases this is just childhood fantasies but if you’re still sticking with that passion well into your adulthood then that could be a sign of a natural affinity to spiritual work.

2.Spiritual Knowledge Comes Naturally To You

Years ago I worked at a location that was known for its underground springs, appropriately named “Hidden Springs”. I was actively working hard to regain the abilities I had in childhood that I pushed away, my psychic abilities. I then began to see, sense, and feel spirits around me. I would notice them coming and going on a frequent basis, the energies were different so I knew that they were different spirits. Some were nature spirits (their energy is wilder, untamed.) Some were human spirits coming and going. Others were down right scary- I had one reach out at me from an empty office as I walked by.

It was through my own intuition and deep connection to the element of water, knowing it as a conductor of energy, that I coined the term “Spiritual Highway” in relationship to underground springs and streams. Like energy flows through the ley lines on the planet, spirits can move through the underground waterways that flow deep beneath our feet.

Later I was reading a book “The Flame in the Cauldron” by Orion Foxwood where he writes this passage:

“Rivers and streams follow spirit roads along the earth. Under all natural waterways is a spirit road.”

(pg.88) The Flame in the Cauldron Book of Old Style Witchery. Orion Foxwood. Weiser Books. March 1, 2015.

Another example is how I experience my psychic abilities, it’s like following a thread or a line, it can even be described as a road. I was reading this fantastic blog the other day about charting the purpose of a Kuya (healing stone in a Shaman’s Mesa).

This relationship of power develops through shamanic journeying with the Kuya deep into the landscape that sourced the Kuya and through the creation of cekes which are energetic lines of connection between the Kuya and the shaman’s medicine body. These cekes are highways of information through which communication travels in….

Katina O’neil http://www.katinaoneil.com/thoughts-blog/what-is-a-mesa (retrieved 8/10/2019)

When you’re natural thinking process is beyond what you’ve read in books and learned in courses that lead you to epiphanies, or sudden insights, about the mystical world around you. It’s a good sign that you’re a natural.

3.You Have Strong Natural Abilities as a Child

Now I want to mention, everyone, and I mean everyone has some aptitude for psychic and mystical ability, it’s part of our human make up. We are energetic beings, and sometimes we are “tapped” in right to the universe where we can pick up things like:

  • Knowing who is on the other end of the phone before we answer (or knowing someone is going to call before they do.)
  • Having a dream that comes true.
  • Making a strong wish and having it manifest.

These are examples of everyday phenomenon that is explainable, in my opinion, but doesn’t mean that you’re a natural.

In my mind, a natural is someone who does those things on a consistent basis. Something that can be replicated over and over again, at will.

Let me give some examples:

  • Around the full moon every month you have dreams that come true.
  • You can know 75% of the time before something happens.
  • You’re ability to manifest is on point, you think and it is so.

Now we don’t live in a society where we have tribal shamans, witch traditions or families, or mystics who see these potentialities or strengths in us as children and know that you’re born to be healer or a mystic. We don’t have teachers who see these in us and tell us to foster them to become magick makers and healers. In fact, modern society demonizes these abilities and often times when we are young we learn to push them away or hide them.

I’ve been reading a lot about cultural appropriation and how modern society doesn’t breed natural shamans or mystics. I think that is bullshit, this is an idea of those who don’t have these natural abilities and say it to justify their own ego, or worse don’t say it because they don’t want to offend.

We may have a separation between us and nature but if our mission here on this earth is to be of service in these ways (as a shaman, witch, mystic), then these abilities are things we are born with and have the ability to grow and expand.

Who taught the first Shaman? Who taught the first Witch? It was spirit, not another human on the planet.

Now let me stop some of you from getting really upset at me, I’m not saying if you display these signs that means for certain you’re a natural. You’ll still need to do work, find a teacher or read a hell of a lot of books and do a lot of spirit work, to call yourself any of these titles and use the term “natural” in front of it. There’s always, always, room to grow and expand.

We live in a society that wants immediate gratification. You’re reading up or studying Shamanism, or Witchcraft, you find my blog and are like “OMG this is me!” That’s wonderful, celebrate quietly for a moment then, STOP!

A true mystic (using this to incorporate both the witches, shaman’s, and mystics out there), understands that there is always more to learn and always more to experience. Ego has no place here, remember that the true source of any of these titles power comes from source, however, you wish to describe that.

Knowing that your display natural abilities is a great starting point to furthering your skills and abilities, but it’s not an excuse to STOP and hang your sign out for the world to start taking clients or start teaching.

What it means is that you’re going to have an easier time than others grasping some pretty complex theories and understandings of the universe and how it works. Through hard work, education, and practice you have the potential to really help others navigate their life hardships with ease and grace.

I hope this has helped at least one person to understand themselves and their potential. Remember i’m here if you have any questions, we have the responsibility to be ethical and operate with integrity, if you rush into anything you have the potential to really harm yourself or clients. The work of the Shaman, Witch, or Mystic is a hard path but the potential to be of service to our communities as a whole and help those in need is very rewarding.


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