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Power Stones

A couple years ago I offered a free course on Powerstones, honestly if you asked me to track it down now; i’m not even sure I could. I have re-branded and shifted myself so often in the last 10 years my own head spins (let alone those who have been following me for a while.)

Just the other day I was browsing a website for crystals (something I shouldn’t ever do!) and found this absolutely beautiful Angel Aura Quartz and a Lemurian Seed Quartz. I ordered them and they arrived yesterday. Immediately I was reminded about the power of crystals.

Crystals have this strange power over me, they immediately begin to influence my mind, body, and spirit. Some I can feel the power radiating up my arm into my chest, others my eyes just fixate on and I travel deep within them.

I’m sure if you’re a crystal lover too you’ll understand- I just can’t get enough.

So What are Powerstones?

Powerstones are crystals that are in alignment with us in such a way that they open our mind, body and spirit to new energy pathways and information.

katie mcbrien

Not every stone we come in contact with is a powerstone. I first felt this years after I had been working with crystals, I got a multi- colored tourmaline bracelet. I put it on and BAM, it was like I was stepping into myself for the first time- empowered and awakened on a level I didn’t even know I had in me.

Crystals have a funny way of doing this, pushing us to new heights in our spiritual growth. Their energy works away at our blocks without us even needing to be aware of the process. It just happens.

Some teachers call this entrainment, a scientific term:

Entrainment refers to a natural phenomenon in which one entity resonates synchronously with another in response to its dominant frequency of vibration. (retrieved 8/18/2019)

Basically entrainment means the dominant energy causes the less dominant energy to match it’s vibration. So if you’re working with Rose Quartz and that is the dominant energy in your energy field that rose quartz will shift your energy to that of its vibration. This concept is the basis for all spiritual healing, especially crystal healing.

Powerstones are stones that awaken ourselves to new spiritual understanding of ourselves and the universe in a way we weren’t even aware of before. They are crystal teachers, and wisdom keepers.

I love crystals, I adorn myself with many; right now I’m wearing six rings, 5 bracelets, and one pendant with stones in them, oh and a pair of earrings. However, even with all these gems, there are still some that are so pure, so powerful, that i’m drawn to them like a moth to a light.

These are powerstones & they have so much to teach us.

Finding and Working With Powerstones

So how do you find a powerstone? I’ll say that it’s 98% intuition, what crystal are you drawn too, it’s like a meeting someone’s eyes across the room and feeling that pull to walk over and talk to them. Love at first sight.

Some powerstones we can’t have, maybe they are out of our budget. Perhaps they are just not for sale.

That doesn’t matter you can still work with them. World renowned crystal healer Judy Hall, talks about this in her various works specifically her book “101 Power Crystals.” where she introduces the idea that just looking at a high quality photograph is enough to work with the energy of a crystal.

So once you find your crystal how do you work with it?

Simple, if its yours you can:

  • hold it
  • gaze at it
  • sleep with it
  • carry it with you all the time.
  • Do a journey to meet with it.
  • Do a meditation with it.

These are just a few examples and you can use your intuition on how to best work with your crystal.

If perhaps you don’t own the crystal and only have a photograph of it, really the only option is to gaze at it and go within.

What areas of your life are you being called to look at?

What thoughts are going through your head?

What images are playing out in your mind?

These questions can be answered by journaling or just being aware.

Have you ever found a powerstone? If so I’d love to hear about your experiences with them.

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