September 2019 Psychic Zodiac

September is here, hard to believe I feel like I just wrote out the reading for August. Fall is coming and I couldn’t be happier I love fall!


Take a deep breath this month, whatever is bothering you isn’t what it seems. That’s good because you have something built up so bad that you’re stressing yourself out. Relax, it’s all going to work out in the long run. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.


This month it’s important to hold onto what you’ve worked so hard to create. Someone in your life, probably a man or a woman with very masculine traits, may be selling you something that sounds too good to be true. It probably is. This month focus on your prosperity and don’t listen to others and the stuff they are selling.


Rest this month or you’re going to be forced too (you’ll get sick.) Our body gives us warning signs before we’re about to get sick, many times we don’t listen to those warnings. It’s time to sit back, get some warm tea, and binge watch something on netflix. You desperately need to rest. Who knows while you’re out taking care of yourself you may have a sudden insight on how to handle something that’s been eating away at you for a long time.


You’ve come a long way this year Aries, you’ve turned around a shit situation and made it into something that works for you rather than against you! Kudos to you for that! This month is about reward for the hard work you’ve been putting out lately. Don’t shy away from the limelight you deserve it!


This month you’re going to have a major ah-ha moment. Things aren’t perfect, and they aren’t easy (oftentimes the things that are the hardest are the most worthwhile.) You’ll understand that you’re expectation of things haven’t lived up to the reality of it all. Try to go within yourself and the situation and pick out the parts of the journey that have taught you something, that way you’re the winner at the end no matter the outcome. I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you, but wisdom can be gleaned and you can move forward ready to tackle your next adventure.


Family and children are highlighted this month, I got a clear message of over-parenting. Take a step back and recognize the unique journey each of your loved ones are on. Sure they may not be in alignment with what we think they should be doing, but it’s not our journey, just be there and guide them the best you can. Only intervene in situations that pose a serious threat to their well being and safety. Let them fly free this month, you’ll be amazed at the smart choices those you love make.


Oh my sweet cancer friends, this month shows some challenging times. You’ll be okay, I would like to council you on keeping your finances and wallet tightly closed this month, no big spending unless it’s absolutely necessary. Change of careers or jobs may be in order for some of you; if it’s not paying the bills AND allowing you to save some for the future, then what’s the point? Seek out new revenue incomes.


Romance is flying it’s way to you; if you’re single keep an eye out for someone that can really see you and value you for who you are! Just remember that sometimes love comes in a different package than what we are expecting, as long as it’s safe and healthy go for the person who isn’t you’re norm. Those of you who are married or in committed relationships, shower those you love with affection and attention, this month is about love for you. Don’t hold back when it comes to telling that special person just how awesome they are.


You’re ready for a fight this month, on the defensive- why so serious? Not everyone is out to get you and the things you care about. Relax it’s not as bad as it seems. Focus that frazzled energy into your community at large, how can you bring more love and peace into your life? Who from your circle needs nurturing and support? Reach out and be a friend- that’s your job this month.


You’re recovering this month from some nastiness that happened in the past. The cards are saying take it easy, spend time somewhere that is peaceful and safe to you. Just like Pisces you gotta take it easy this month, spend time with those around you who uplift your spirits and bring you laughter. For some of you you’re going to be healing from the betrayal of a man who hurt you really bad, it sucks, but there’s a lot of wisdom to be gathered from this, how can you move forward?


You have a lot of worries plaguing you this month, not everything is as bad as it seems. Perhaps someone you love is spending money quicker than it’s coming in- it’s time to stand up and put and end to that crap right now. No matter what is bothering you and causing you sleepless nights, talk it out and you’ll be surprised with the support that comes your way after you’ve opened up. Chances are those that are close to you have known something is wrong but didn’t know how to help and are glad to know what the issue is so you can find peace.


House and family is highlighted this month, it’s time to bring the peace and act like a impartial voice of reason. There’s been a lot of drama and things aren’t going to get better if no one talks about it. Gotta step up and “take one for the team”. Tell those who are being stupid to be quiet and support those who are suffering or need help. You can handle this – just don’t let that temper of yours get the best of you otherwise no one wins.

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