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Signs That You’re a Natural Shaman or Mystic

Do you think you're a natural Shaman, Mystic, or Witch? Here are some signs that may point to it. Before we begin i'm going to define some of the terms that I am going to be using, it's important to note that these are my definitions, not official, just mine. Shaman- A shaman is someone… Continue reading Signs That You’re a Natural Shaman or Mystic

Modern Shamanism

The Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey is the cornerstone of Shamanic practice. The shamanic journey is what separates shamanism from other spiritual practices. What is a the Shamanic Journey? A shamanic journey doesn’t mean a physical journey, it represents a journey of the spirit.   Remember our soul is a separate entity to our body. In a shamanic journey… Continue reading The Shamanic Journey