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Deck Flip-Through “The Magick and Mediums Oracle”

Today I am doing a flip through of a new deck that I got called "The Magick and Mediums Oracle." This deck is just gorgeous! To order this beautiful deck: To Purchase a reading with me: To purchase a Shamanic Healing Session: I've got a Podcast! Check it out here:

Modern Shamanism

Animism- A Shamans Worldview

Animism is the core spiritual belief system of the shaman. Each shaman has a different religion but overall most Shamans are animists. What is Animism Animism is the belief that all things have an animating spirit. This includes: trees, plants, rocks, mountains, oceans, water, fire, air, etc. To break it down even further each specific… Continue reading Animism- A Shamans Worldview

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Signs That You’re a Natural Shaman or Mystic

Do you think you're a natural Shaman, Mystic, or Witch? Here are some signs that may point to it. Before we begin i'm going to define some of the terms that I am going to be using, it's important to note that these are my definitions, not official, just mine. Shaman- A shaman is someone… Continue reading Signs That You’re a Natural Shaman or Mystic

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The Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey is the cornerstone of Shamanic practice. The shamanic journey is what separates shamanism from other spiritual practices. What is a the Shamanic Journey? A shamanic journey doesn’t mean a physical journey, it represents a journey of the spirit.   Remember our soul is a separate entity to our body. In a shamanic journey… Continue reading The Shamanic Journey