Modern Mystic Podcast Episode 1 “What is a Modern Mystic?”

The first episode of the Modern Mystic Podcast is up! I am so excited, it's been a longtime dream of mine to create a podcast. While i'm unable to embed the podcast directly on this site, it is located on my main website: Listen to the podcast Episode 1: "What is a Modern Mystic" In… Continue reading Modern Mystic Podcast Episode 1 “What is a Modern Mystic?”

Modern Shamanism

Power Stones

A couple years ago I offered a free course on Powerstones, honestly if you asked me to track it down now; i'm not even sure I could. I have re-branded and shifted myself so often in the last 10 years my own head spins (let alone those who have been following me for a while.)… Continue reading Power Stones

Modern Shamanism

The Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey is the cornerstone of Shamanic practice. The shamanic journey is what separates shamanism from other spiritual practices. What is a the Shamanic Journey? A shamanic journey doesn’t mean a physical journey, it represents a journey of the spirit.   Remember our soul is a separate entity to our body. In a shamanic journey… Continue reading The Shamanic Journey